Produsen gelas kertas Bandung

Produsen gelas kertas Bandung

Welcome to our website, for entrepreneurs in the Jakarta area and surrounding areas who are looking Produsen gelas kertas Bandung. We are from PT Pola Paperindo Jayatama, we are a company engaged in the manufacture of various products for food

The products we produce include Paper cup, Paper bowl, Lunch box, Paper bag,  various other products related to paper

We have been established since 1997 we have experienced in the field of food packaging with food grade standards with a variety of large enterprise clients who have worked together with our company and for entrepreneurs who want to start switching from using food or beverage containers using plastic materials a place that uses paper based materials, you can immediately see the product details below with quality materials and can be costumed in accordance with the wishes and models that you want it would be very easy made with your business needs.

What are the benefits of using a  paper cup compared to plastic

  1. The use of paper cups will be easier to recycle and reduce the dangers of using plastic
  2. Make your business look more luxurious by using paper cups that look neat and precise
  3. The formation of your brand name is more still, with the addition of the brand label that you have in the food media will make a different impression on the buyer and will shape your brand recognition slowly but surely
  1. Other than that the use of paper cups is safe for input into the microwave

We also produce various other paper cupsAmong others, the products we produce are

Paper Bowl 

Supplier Paper Bowl Jakarta is commonly used for foods such as rice, noodles, meatballs and soups which are also used by the company Marugame Udon, KFC, CFC, Afung which is also our client

Paper Lunch Box

Paper Lunch Box is used for rice food products with a variety of side dishes that are used also with Box & Co., Leko, Sushi Donburi, PHD which are also our clients

Ice Cream Cups

Paper Cup for ice cream is used for various types of ice cream products that are also used with the company J.Co, Cold Stone, Nalu Bowls who are also our clients

Snack Pack

Paper snack is usually used for potato products which are also used for hot dog products which are also used by Carls Jr, Win ex, Wendy’s which is our client too.

For food or beverage entrepreneurs in Jakarta and its surroundings

let’s immediately get products that fit your needs and get your products at Jakarta paper cup suppliers and shape your brand for the better

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6221-65702989 | 0819 0119 1899

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OK, thank you for being pleased to read the information of Jakarta paper cup suppliers PT Paperindo jayatama patterns hopefully useful. Remember, looking for a production place, Supplier paper cup, Supplier paper cup, Supplier lunch box, Supplier Paper bag, Supplier paper bowl , yes, in PT Pola Paperindo Jayatama