With the world now heading towards “Green” concept, we are excited to introduce the latest addition to our packaging items, the Ecokraft and Polagreen range.

The Ecokraft series are food grade brown kraft boxes, cups, pails and takeaway bags available in various sizes and shapes. This range is highly favoured as the eco-friendly food packaging since the base paper is from recycle material. As with all the other POLA products, the Ecokraft continue to focus on functionality and quality. Food taste and texture are well preserved since the paper material will not absorb any moisture nor succumb to leakages. They are the perfect choice for all kinds of takeouts, from pasta and bento to other popular milenial culinaries.

The Polagreen are new packaging series using renewable resources from corn starch, currently available in trays and food boxes. The tray items are a popular choice in grocery stores to replace plastic or foam containers used in packing fresh produce and meat or seafood. Apart from trays, the other Polagreen items are takeaway boxes with or without partitions complete with fitted covers, preventing contamination and leakages.

We shall continue to update more sizes and items into each range. Be sure to check them out at our Products page.